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Old News

Its been 10 years since Tupacs death, and he still is as popular as ever. Checkout these news articles for more.
Posted 09-13-06
Recently Aired Dave Chappelle Skit on Tupac
From a recently aired skit, it starts with Dave Chappelle in a club, and the DJ says here is the latest Tupac song, RIP. As the song goes on, the lyrics get more and more relevant to what is happening in the acutal club.
Posted 07-11-06
Source: Comedy Central
Stuff Magazine Article
In the latest issue of Stuff Magazine on page 57 of Issue 77 with Tila Tequila on the cover, there is an article called Interviews with Dead Celebrities: Tupac Resurrected. It says its a world-renowned medium Victoria Bullis, and she summons the slain rapper's spirit to find out what's going down in the afterlife. It appears more to me like a joke than anything, but hardcore Pac fans may want it for their collections.
Posted 03-03-06
Madame Tussauds Immortalizes Tupac Shakur In Wax
Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas, Nevada will immortalize rapper Tupac Shakur on Apr. 5 as part of its new "On Stage" attraction.

A wax figure capturing the famous image of a shirtless Shakur wearing a bandana and showing his tattoos joins superstars such as James Brown , Mick Jagger , Elton John, Prince and others as life-like wax statues.

Adrian Jones, general manager of Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, said the decision to immortalize Skakur came from public demand.

"We have received more requests from the public to immortalize Tupac than any other rap star," Jones said. "It is fitting that he will be the central figure in our new 'On Stage' attraction, which will offer the public a new high-tech system for enjoying the music of all the stars in the attraction. We will have more information about the attraction at a later date."

Shakur was fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting on Las Vegas' famed "Strip" on Sept. 7, 1996. Shakur later died from his wounds. His slaying remains unsolved.

For "On Stage" attraction times, visit
Posted 02-02-06
Official TASF Statue Unveiling
Check out the official site of for more information on the official invitation and unveiling of The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation Statue of Tupac Shakur
Posted 08-25-05
Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation Opens
Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts Peace Garden Grand Opens June 11, 2005
After many years of prayer and patience, the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation (TASF) is hosting the Grand Opening of its Visitor Center and Peace Garden on June 11, 2005. This is the first phase of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts (TASCA), in Stone Mountain, Georgia, that will eventually include a performing arts theater, museum, art gallery, community meeting space and classrooms. The Visitor Center will consist of a display gallery, rehearsal space for the annual Summer Arts Camp students, gift shop and TASF’s offices. The general public will be able to visit and view various exhibits (including personal items of Tupac and fan art work, among other pieces), as well as buy Tupac and TASF merchandise.
The Peace Garden will be a beautifully landscaped 6-acre site designed as a place of reflection in honor of those who are no longer with us. A bronze statue of Tupac will ultimately stand in the center of the Garden, inside a fountain in the shape of the gothic cross universally associated with 2Pac. The Garden will also consist of a donor platform, wooden pavilions and a variety of other fountains spread throughout.
Ms. Afeni Shakur, mother of rap’s greatest icon, founded the TASF in November 1997 to carry on the legacy of Tupac’s creative talents. The Foundation aims to provide top quality arts training to our youth from all backgrounds, primarily through its annual Summer Arts Camp. Students between ages 12–18 participate in intense training for 2–4 weeks under the direction of theatrical teachers and performers. TASCA has been designed as a way of maintaining that positive environment that allows students to gain an understanding of peer leadership, self-growth and discipline year-round.
The Grand Opening ceremony, itself, will begin at 11:30 AM and will be held in the Center’s main parking lot at 5616 Memorial Drive. This momentous occasion will consist of welcoming remarks from a number of prominent community leaders, including special guest speaker Ms. Shakur. There will also be a special performance of Family Tree by “Pac’s Kids,” the students of the Summer Arts Camp, along with Celina Nixon, an original camp student and current coordinator of the camp. This will be followed by a the cutting of the ribbon at the Peace Garden by Ms. Shakur and a dedication of the Garden that will involve children planting a ceremonial tree. Guests will then be invited to explore the Visitor Center and Peace Garden and reflect amongst themselves.
Posted 06-16-05
Guy said to be influence by Tupac in 92 set to die
Ronald howard, the guy who shot the cop in '92 and said he was inspired by 2pac, is scheduled to die on october 6, 2005. here are a few sites with info.
Posted 05-17-05
Source: User Submission by
In regards to recent rumors of Tupac being alive
Rumor #1
Well, I know it is wishful thinking, as many people have been to this site: and has brought many people to believe Tupac is actually alive! Well to smash the rumor, it is just that; a rumor! A few dead giveaways are it was posted as an April Fools joke, the page address is not an official cnn page anyways, but just a file named cnn.htm. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and read the headings by the picture of the pope, you will find a heading that says "You just got April Fooled" and "Tupac's dead. Get over it". This was obviously made by someone who doesn't like Tupac, but wanted to create a April Fools prank, and the page also includes a counter on the bottom too.

Rumor #2
A video has also been circulating around the internet saying that Tupac is alive and they have actual footage of Tupac. Well all I have to say is it's a look alike of Tupac, and does actually look a lot like Tupac with the same shaped head, and also mocking his laugh and tipping his head back smiling as he would do. Its nothing but another attempt to start more hope in fans that he is alive. I do not have the video on the website, but if you search I am sure you will be able to locate it on various message boards.
Posted 04-27-05
Tupac's Mom Renovates Foundation Center, Says Next LP Will Be The Last

NEW YORK — Afeni Shakur, mother of slain icon Tupac Shakur, has spent the last several years keeping her son's name alive. And although the trove of unreleased music from the rapper seems to be reaching its end — Afeni said the

"I perceive a crisis in young people and I want to share my concern. The most important thing for young people is to stay alive." — Afeni Shakur
last album of unreleased material will come out next year — she's renovating the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation's Peace Memorial Garden and Visitors Center in Stone Mountain, Georgia, in the hope of establishing a more lasting memorial.

Though Afeni has been remembering her son with annual concerts around his June 16 birthday, she and her partners in the foundation felt that more could be done.

"When Tupac died, the first year and afterward, we thought the way to celebrate him was to have concerts and events every June in Georgia," Ms. Shakur explained. "And after we spent so much money and only affected the people right there, we decided we'd build a foundation and work with young people on an ongoing basis."

Each summer, the foundation holds a performing-arts camp for children suffering from troubled home lives. The camp, which is set on nine recently renovated acres of countryside in Stone Mountain, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta where Afeni resides), will be formally reopened on June 10. Afeni, a former Black Panther and a recovered drug addict, referenced her own tumultuous past when describing the foundation's main goal.

"When Tupac was 13 and I was homeless," she said, "Tupac was in the 127th Street Ensemble [theater group] right here in New York. Those people, I believe, saved his life. So what we try to do is be that for the next generation of young people."

Next year, Afeni said she intends to place a life-size sculpture of Tupac at the garden's entrance.

Meanwhile, a video with a stark message has been released for "Ghetto Gospel," the recent single from Tupac's posthumous LP Loyal to the Game (see "Eminem 'Went Crazy' With Tupac's A Cappellas For Loyal To The Game"). The clip, directed by Nzingha Stewart, is about a young man who dies, while his mother mourns the loss and recognizes that the destructive pattern continues. The video reflects Afeni's own concerns.

"This year, Tupac would've been 34 years old," she said. "He died when he'd just made 25. I perceive a crisis in young people and I want to share my concern. The most important thing for young people is to stay alive."

Afeni is also working on an as-of-yet-untitled film detailing Tupac's early life, as well as a traveling Broadway play. Author Quentin Skinner has also written a biography of the rapper, which will be published later this year.

"[Loyal to the Game] will have no more singles," Afeni said. "We'll do a spoken-word album this year, and next year we'll do the final unreleased song album for Tupac.

"And then we're going to beg you all to come and see us at the [Peace Memorial Garden and Visiting] Center."

— Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Rahman Dukes
Posted 04-19-05
Armstrong Wanted Green Day to be like Tupac

GREEN DAY frontman BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG turned to an unusual source of inspiration when mapping out his band's plan for world domination - rapper TUPAC SHAKUR.
The AMERICAN IDIOT singer admired tragic Shakur - who hailed from Green Day's California hometown - because he was never constrained by rules or expectations.
As a result, Green Day set out to break all the rules of rock 'n' roll - in the same way Shakur did in the hip-hop industry.
Armstrong says, "Tupac Shakur grew up in Oakland, too. Whatever you think of him, you don't feel he was contained by rules.
"With rock, you feel there are codes of conduct and codes of cool but with Tupac he just came right out with it.
"I admire that. Music needs that. And that's what I wanted for Green Day."
Posted 04-07-05

New leaked Tupac & Snoop track
A unreleased Tupac tracked titled Just Watchin has leaked out on the internet. The song features Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound & Charlie Wilson. You can probably find the song by searching Google for it on various message boards
Posted 03-25-05

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